I let my friend borrow my Batman USB over the weekend, this is the result…

I haven`t lost/broken Batman yet! Hopefully he will last until tomorrow…


Batman has discovered a new love for Tumblr over the weekend.


He also loves cats and is now best friends with Milo.


This was actually an accident lolol.
Batman was fully sanitized after this traumatizing experience I promise ;)

I was also going to take a picture with Batman near my car tire to make it look like he was getting squished, but I got into my pjs too early.
Just pretend that I took that picture too okay? Okay.


I don’t know what I find funnier, the fact she took pictures of my USB with stuff, or the fact that her dog licked it. Now my dog’s going to be super jealous. Thanks W-histle

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  • Posted: 03 March 2013